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Richie Rich Catering - About RRC

Richie Rich Catering was founded in 2005 by veteran caterer Richard McDonald, When Richie Rich Catering was created, wanted a full service, all-inclusive, event planning services company unlike anything previously seen in upstate New York.  Drawing from over 23 years of experience as the premier Staffing and Bartenders services in Upstate New York, he and his team re-launched Richie Rich Catering in 2008 – Richie Rich Catering easily meets and exceeds the needs of increasingly sophisticated clients in Western New York.

Servicing all of Central and Western New York, Richie Rich has established itself, in just a few years, as the premier go-to events and catering company in all areas of Corporate Events and Party Services in the region.  We invite you to join the growing list of satisfied clients who have benefited from the expertise and experience that Richard McDonald bring to every event, and every plate and drink served.  Be our special guest at your own event.  I guarantee your satisfaction. 

Anthony Martinez,
Events Coordinator for Richie Rich Catering


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Richie Rich Catering
70 Linden Oaks
Rochester, NY  14625

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