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Richie Rich Catering - Restrictions

*What is an Artist's Proof?

An old tradition of reserving a quantity of prints for the artist's use, usually equal to about 10% of the edition. In the early days of printing, these prints were the only remuneration the poor artist received. Proofs are signed by the artist and numbered showing the quantity of Artist's Proofs issued in the edition and generally marked a/p. Because of their highly restricted
number, Artist's Proofs are sold at a higher value than the regular prints in the edition.

Source: http://www.si.edu/

A/P - Artist Proof

This print is available only through Showcase Dealers and Signature Dealers, and is issued in quantities significantly smaller than S/N. Artist Proofs are designated with the letters A/P during the numbering process and the canvas lithograph has a back stamp identifying it as a an artist proof. The A/P also features hand highlighting and the DNA Signature.

Source: http://www.thomaskinkadegallery.com/edition_info.php


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